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Slingshot Kitebladders, custom made!

Together with Slingshot Sports International we launched Slingshotkitebladder.com as the perfect solution for all your bladder issues. We produce almost all Slingshot Kitebladders ranging back to 2008 to get you back on the water in no time! We produce kite bladders for the following models: Fuel, Rev, RPM, Rally, Turbine, Z and the Key. Do you have any questions or can't figure out which bladder you need? Please contact us and we'd be happy to help out!

Valves and accessories

Leaky valves will ruin your kite session and buying a new bladder can be quite expensive. That is one of the reasons why we offer several Slingshot Valves with a strong adhesive backing, so that you can easily replace the valve yourself. Is your valve is still in good shape but isn’t sticking to the bladder anymore? Take a look at the Valve Trap. With the Valve Trap you can easily re-use your old valve.